• Cheryl Ale interviewed on Blog Talk Radio’s – Book Journey

    Jenn McRobbie interviews author Cheryl Ale on the writing and publishing of her book, The Spark: The Legacy that Changed the Dance World.

  • The Spark – The Legacy that Changed the Dance World

    You are the legacy, together we are the Spark. We created a body of work together to reignite the passion of teaching classical ballet.

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  • RPM is a systematic teaching philosophy that addresses the whole student, fostering confidence and common sense while training the body to move effortlessly.

    For dance teachers, RPM is a set of tools for you to use to help your students achieve their full potential.

    RPM is also a network of like-minded members who share your values and share experiences and encouragement. RPM master teachers have the experience and expertise to help with virtually all aspects of dance pedagogy. In short, we are a growing family that is changing ballet for the better. As your involvement grows, we welcome you to become the next RPM master teacher. We believe that RPM gives you an edge. The students get better, the teachers impart wisdom of the body and spirit, the studio gains prestige because parents know that their child is treated with love while being challenged to develop their art.

“Ruth occupies a very special place in my life, as she has been helpful and responsible in helping me to achieve my position in American dance today. No one does it better than Ruth. She is the best.”

“There are few people in the profession that you can trust like Ruth who has the knowledge and gets results. She has been responsible for helping me achieve my position in American dance today.”

David Howard
International Teacher/Coach

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Batalla CL

” Being The Spark” hmmm …..What does that mean as a dancer in a performance ? Can you be that brilliant Teacher able to motivate students to..

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cineSOURCE magazine

When you wonder where The Spark Legacy Truly Originated !! This is the true story and archival history I drew from writing my book and experienced..

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Check out our video module on turns!https://www.cherylale.com/products-and-services/

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These Clips of Gelsey Kirkland are a Master Class in How to Become a Ballerina

In this recent article containing videos of Gelsey Kirkland rehearsing there’s a video of David Howard coaching her. He is coaching her in counter..

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Give your body the ultimate holiday gift…. In this season of Nutcracker rehearsals and performances this 10 minute warm-up can be done anywhere,..

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Batalla CL

“You are taking people into ideas not steps” This video is so on the mark. Listen to Alonso King as he speaks about movement and feeling and..

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