Do You Teach From The Inside Out?

When teaching ballet (especially new steps) to your students do you work from the inside out? If not you are making it ten times as hard and ten times as long for your student to absorb and internalize the step to the point where it becomes muscle memory. The first question you need to ask… Read more »

Our Intelligent Bodies in Motion

Emotional and intellectual intelligence are just two kinds of smart. There are more. Consider your ability to move your body without seeming to think. Beginning dancers must be taken through and focus on a series of exercises at the barre. But by the time you are a young adult, you are ready to fine-tune your… Read more »

Using Imagery for Optimal Results in Dance

RPM uses many visual and mental cues to train dancers and we all know that dance happens as much in the mind as in the body. Using imagery is a great tool that not only athletes but dancers as well can utilize to achieve optimum results. Imagery goes well beyond mere visualization in that you… Read more »

The Origin Story of RPM and It’s Importance for Today’s Ballet Teachers

Below is a video produced by Untapped that beautifully encapsulates the origin of RPM:Revolutionary Principles of Movement training methodology and philosophy and how it continues to help ballet teachers and dancers in today’s dance world. RPM founder Cheryl Ale and Ballet Palm Beach Artistic Director Colleen Smith explain the influence and impact that Jo Anna… Read more »