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About RPM | Revolutionary Principles of Movement

About RPM

  • How do you describe a Revolution in Dance?

    RPM – Revolutionary Principles of Movement was compiled and refined as a response to the traditional ballet instruction perpetuated in competitive dance studios and well-known dance companies throughout the world. Instead of teaching through repetition and constant correction, RPM releases dancers’ talent and natural energy. Dancers who are trained with emotional intelligence at the forefront and a clear understanding of how to move their bodies using natural energy and counter resistance improve rapidly. And the improvement continues throughout their lives — they have set their bodies free to dance.

    Dancers are not all the same, and they don’t need to be

    Every student deserves individual attention that addresses the unique needs of their body and personal motivation. Progress is measured by the student’s own improvement not by comparison to the rest of the class. RPM’s training emphasizes well-being by strictly adhering to age-appropriate lessons and counseling. While talent is not teachable, it is also not limited to those with ideal “ballet” bodies. Through exercises based in kinesiology, every aspiring dancer can learn to dance as elegantly as any principal dancer. Through mentoring, RPM teachers help their students learn or recapture the joy of dance. Teachers can employ this fresh, bold approach to dancing right away, and their students will learn not only better technique, but also gain the self-confidence and the physical strength that it takes to be a lifelong dancer.

    Dancers who know their bodies dance beautifully, with joy