These are excerpts from our complete Code. These guidelines will be an integral part of all contracts between RPM and its colleagues.

  • RPM desires to promote and recognizes that a higher standard of personal behavior is expected of a teacher. This behavior includes public, physical, verbal or written action. The purpose of this standard is not to restrict affiliates, or participant’s rights, but to protect the rights of all individuals to pursue a dance education.
  • The teacher shall create and maintain a professional image which imposes on the teacher a number of professional and ethical responsibilities.
  • A teacher’s first professional responsibility is to the enhancement of the quality of dance education provided to the students in his/her charge. The professional teacher strives to create a learning environment that nurtures to fulfillment the potential of all students.
  • In furtherance thereof, the educator shall continue his/her professional development throughout their careers striving to improve his/her techniques for teaching all types of dance, and shall provide opportunities for the professional development of those under their supervision.
  • It is the educator’s responsibility to maintain relationships with students, assistants and employees on a professional basis. RPM recognizes and respects the trust placed in the student-teacher relationship.
  • The teacher-student relationship involves a power of imbalance. RPM recognizes that a higher standard of personal behavior is expected of an educator because students, assistants and employees perceive the teacher as an example of integrity.
  • The professional teacher makes a constructive effort to protect the student and co-workers from detrimental conditions, disparagement and abusive behavior of any kind.
  • The RPM teacher deals considerately and justly with each individual student and seeks to resolve problems, including discipline according to the highest levels of integrity.
  • The RPM teacher is dedicated to listening to the student while critically observing the student’s movements.
  • RPM teachers do not seek instant perfection, but, rather incremental improvement.
  • RPM teachers endeavor to understand and respect the values and traditions of the diverse cultures represented in the community and in the studio.
  • RPM affiliates shall build their professional reputation on the merit of their services and performance skills and not by competing unfairly with others.

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