The SPARK Seminar August 14 – 19, 2017

We always look forward to meeting and supporting fellow dance teachers and we can’t wait for our upcoming RPM Teachers Training “SPARK ” Seminar!

What sets RPM training apart from other dance teacher training certification programs?  We will show you “HOW” to implement concepts in your training that
produce great results no matter the age or skill level of your dance student. The course covers technique and syllabus that can be applied in conjunction with other syllabus (Vaganova, Cecchetti, RAD, etc).
It is the the “how” of moving and connecting steps kinetically for optimum results without injury. We give you a blueprint to set up your dance school’s training, from creative dance youngsters all the way to advance pre-professional students.
We offer continued support and communication well after you have taken our programs. It is our goal to create community of like-minded dance teachers who teach to the whole student (Body, Mind, Spirit)
in a proven method that produces healthy, injury free dancers.

What is a SPARK Seminar?  A SPARK Seminar is a Teachers Training Event where we teach the Revolutionary Principles of Movement which are the tools that will help you master how to teach dance—how to recognize students’ physical predisposition toward movement, particularly “nontraditional” students, how to diversify technical ability, and how to teach students to move freely, safely, and effortlessly. Follow-up courses and curriculum are available, including individualized coaching for teachers, faculty and students. We are dedicated to helping you gain a complete understanding of how to successfully teach this method.

When and where is your next SPARK Seminar? Our next SPARK Seminar is August 14 – 19, 2017 in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. Along with Master Teachers Cheryl Ale, Wes Chapman, Mary Price Boday, Robin Pollara, we are excited to have RPM Master Pedagogue Ruth Petrinovic in attendance.  Join us and discover your SPARK!!