The Spark

  • The Spark: The Legacy that Changed the Dance World is about our journey as creative artists and dancers-turned-teachers who are now struggling with the complexities of teaching.

    Choosing a ballet program that juggles all styles, techniques, and methodologies and that all levels of students will progressively love is a daunting task. In this book, you will discover what the greatest masters have always known: the true essence of dancing. Quite simply, you will learn how to teach pure, fluid movement with an age-appropriate curriculum proven for the past 60 years to effectively transcend any limiting beliefs about the basis for all dance. In this book, you’ll learn:
    • How to overcome past experiences and break through the obstacles responsible for unfulfilled dreams
    • How to rediscover your brilliant self and the many artistic intelligences you possess
    • How the bold discovery of the principles of movement in ballet have changed how we perceive and easily teach movement
    • The stories of Kneeland, Petrinović, and Harkness, three courageous women who documented and developed an evolved approach to dance techniques
    • How Kneeland’s Therapeutic Barre exercises combine with the principles of movement to realign many problematic postural issues
    • How, as teachers, to effectively develop students to reach their fullest potential as finished artists

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