All body types (and ages) welcome

RPM training is not traditional; it is revolutionary in all ways! RPM training puts dancers in touch with their body’s internal energy and rhythms, their ‘being’, and how to use these energy patterns in concert with the laws of physics. RPM encourages the mind body connection that truly lets the art flow through the body and soul.

Even dancers who say they are too old, too young, or too injured have seen their dance revolutionized with RPM.

We know bodies and we know how to move them.

RPM teaches more than dance technique

Dancers have experienced intense emotion once their body is released from the rigid framework of traditional dance technique and connected to their energy and love of the art. RPM frees movement, and aligns dancers’ bodies with the forces within and around them.

RPM teaches a kinetic awareness of movement and energy patterns that develop an effortless flow. When a dancer understands how their body interacts with physics, a simple tilt of the head or different angle in the shoulders can unblock a move that has previously never been mastered.

Energy – use it wisely

A dancer’s movement flows from feelings in the body and the RPM principles reveal internally identifiable patterns of energy. When used properly, RPM lessons awaken internal intelligence giving dancers the ability to safely move beyond their perceived limitations to a new level.

Love of dance knows no boundaries