Do you want to get your students more engaged

A teacher needs to connect with their students. The more readily a student gets the new combination or dance move, the deeper the connection will be. Ballet training is rigorous in its own right so a teacher must instill the love of the art for a student to be a truly successful candidate for a professional career. Dance studios may want a competitive edge, but a teacher needs that real connection.

Are you concerned about the students’ progress

Every student deserves individual attention to address the unique needs of each body, and personal motivation. Progress is measured by the student’s own improvement not by comparison to the rest of the class. RPM’s training emphasizes well-being by strictly adhering to age appropriate lessons and counseling.

RPM’s philosophy also creates an atmosphere of trust and joy for both the instructor and student.

Do you worry about what to teach next

RPM is a complete curriculum that includes a syllabus for students from creative dance for the young ones all the way to pre-professional. Studios need only to review the lesson for that day to get started and they can always get help from our network.

Whether you are a parent searching for a studio for your child or a young dancer looking to get better or a pre-professional looking to put on the finishing touches or an older dancer or adult looking for exercise, RPM training is the best choice for you.

For the young dancer RPM is always age-appropriate dance instruction that builds strong bodies, solid techniques and self-confidence. For the student dancer RPM offers a safety zone that still challenges a student to maximize his/her ability, without injury.

For the pre-professional, RPM increases fluidity of movement and height of jumps. No matter the body-type, this level of student will get noticed.

For the adult, RPM offers exercise without strain and a way to engage in the art without the hassle.