We know you know dance

RPM is a curriculum for studios that want to go beyond teaching technique. We bring students into alignment with the sensations in their bodies and the physical world around them, showing them how capable they really are. We help you bring students’ love of dance into expression through age-appropriate, kinesthetic principles. With RPM your students will surprise themselves by learning they are capable of anything.

RPM builds a love and desire for dance that only grows with time. Our students feel like they can’t get enough.

We want to help your studio grow

Today, many other activities compete for potential students’ time. Every year more and more serious dance students are siphoned off into sports competition and other organized activities. Even if a student is distracted by other activities, the benefits of RPM will follow that student to whatever venue they choose.

Studios that teach RPM gain an immediate edge. The method includes age-appropriate dance technique as well as a self-confident, bold approach to dance, freeing dancers to fall in love with the art. Compiled and refined by Ruth Petrinovic, RPM curriculum uses kinesiology to teach how the body works in relation to natural physical forces, allowing teachers to create immediate improvement in their dancers without risking injury.

RPM is a complete curriculum that includes a syllabus for students in creative dance all the way to pre-professional. Studios need only to review the lesson for that day to get started.

Our lineage is impressive

We focus on ballet training because we believe that ballet is the best foundation for all forms of dance. Competence in ballet makes better dancers in general. RPM integrates styles from these well regarded dance syllabi, and has added principles kinesiology, age-appropriate limits, and emotional intelligence:

  • Vaganova
  • Cecchetti
  • Royal Academy of Dance
  • French School (Paris Opera Ballet)
  • Bournonville method
  • Balanchine Method

Easy. Beautiful. Bold.