It sounds simple, and that’s what we intended. RPM curriculum is easy to understand, yet profound in execution.

Kinesiology is the core of the RPM curriculum. All of our work focuses on the body instead of the extremities. We help dancers understand their physiology, centrifugal and centripetal force, equilibrium, counter force, and center of gravity. Tying these concepts together allows dancers to understand more about their technique and make changes that cause immediate and dramatic improvement.

Go up to Go Down to Go Up

RPM helps dancers understand dynamic tension, counter resistance, counter force and release, and how to use their control zones to tap into kinetic energy that exists within and around them. This energy makes leaping and landing effortless (and safe).

Isometric and isotonic exercises allow students to understand stabilization and balance in their bodies, tying feelings into actions.

Connecting Mind to Body

Traditional dance instruction works on the body only, without tying the emotions and sensations of the dancer into the process. RPM turned dance instruction upside down by creating this link. Dancers who try RPM use it throughout their careers and see continuous improvement.