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Part 2: Technical | Revolutionary Principles of Movement

Part 2: Technical

  • Causes

    Posture in relationship to individual ballet positions. Placement (center of gravity) in relation to individual ballet positions. Timing Body Usage (feelings) to be described and explained in this section.
    • Neutral
    • Release – breath of the body to bring it to a higher level
    • Circular patterns of steps in enchainment for a flow of movement
    • Two way energy in movement
    • Working/posing body
    • Recoil (rebound) in jumping
    • Equilibrium
    • Rotation around a central axis
    • Coordination of body and arms
    • Effect of sound on the body
    • In space
    • In the body
  • Effects

    Five positions of the feet (plus sixth) Positions of the arms Port de bras Eight positions of the body Seven movements of dance Arabesques Attitudes Pas de bourrées Vocabulary of steps
  • Part 3: Artistic

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