Trying to describe RPM in physical terms is only part of the story. Yes, the lessons of RPM are applicable to all schools of dance, but the RPM member brings more than style to the studio.

“I was taught this way so I teach this way”. We hear it all the time.

Traditional dance teachers mean well but are often frustrated because a student’s problem is beyond their training. RPM is a collaborative mentoring system that cares about each and every teacher sharing knowledge and solutions with all who need help.

More than fun and freedom, RPM unifies a dancer’s soul with the art as expressed through their body. All dancers are powerful intelligent beings and RPM wants the dancers to know that empowering themselves from the inside out will most certainly change their lives for the better.

For dance teachers

RPM is a set of tools for you to use to help your students achieve their full potential. RPM is also a network of like-minded members who share your values and share experiences and encouragement.

RPM master teachers have the experience and expertise to help with virtually all aspects of dance pedagogy. In short, we are a growing family that is changing ballet for the better. As your involvement grows, we welcome you to become a master teacher.

We believe that RPM gives you an edge. The students get better, the teachers impart wisdom of the body and spirit, the studio gains prestige because parents know that their child is treated with love while being challenged to develop their art.

It’s a beautiful thing.